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Александр Леонидович ЗЕЛИЧЕНКО

Clean Zone

Central Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP) is well known in the Region. It deals with technical support of drug addicts rehabilitation process in Kyrgyzstan, introduction of EU best practices for treatment and reintegration of drug addicts, involvement of famous lawyers of Europe in the local law making, conducting advocacy campaigns with participation of EU policymakers and many other.

But special business card of the Programme is undoubtedly so-called “Clean Zone”.


As it is well known, many representatives of prison population suffer of alcoholism and drug addiction. However, compulsory treatment does not show results; and cannot be applied for everyone and at any time.

Trying to solve this problem, our penitentiary system applied Atlantis – a model of therapy, psychological trainings, etc., which was introduced to Kyrgyzstan by polish colleagues in 1990-ies. Today this form of treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of persons, dependent on psychoactive substances is available in every penal colony.

This looks as follows. A separate building is selected in the territory of facility, which is localized and fixed, equipped and supplied in appropriate manner for the account of donors’ funds. Thus the conditions, stimulating wish to “get clean”, to undergo treatment, rehabilitation and to return to normal abstinent (from both alcohol and drugs) life are established.

Clients come to Atlantis voluntarily after passing special tests. Further, specialists start to work with patients using special methodic. We already have enough trained professionals. Some part of them comes from public health system, some part – psychologists, social workers – are staff members of the colony, and have special ranks, but wear no uniform.

Me, as an officer of law enforcement body, was hesitating, getting acquainted and distrusted to the official results. I was finally convinced, that rehabilitation (including social one) conducted in this way is possible, in the course of interviews with criminal leaders, etc. They have univocally declared that the people, who passed through Atlantis are – “different people”. They express positive social views, negative view to consumption of psychoactive substances, sometimes even tobacco, etc., which is different from their surroundings.

The problem is that Atlantis programme is designed for 1.5 years. And as most of its clients are charged for much longer prison terms, after completion of this time they return to the same buildings, the same environment. Sometime after that they have enough will and power to resist surrounding realities. But finally, many people return to their previous life style …

Having understood that the efficiency of the programme might have been much higher, by advice of Polish expert Pawel Moczydlowski, who is well known in our country, we decided to establish a small colony, where all inmates would be transported, who have undergone treatment and rehabilitation, and shown steady commitment to full abstinence from psychoactive substances, and who wished to develop the process of their reintegration.

Thus the Clean Zone was born. Separately standing dilapidated building was allocated in the penal colony No. 31 in Moldovanovka village, near Bishkek. This building was fixed and equipped and the staff was trained for the account of CADAP in 2006-2007. Director, Irina Lapuzina is professional and enthusiastic person; she has undergone training in Poland, in numerous international and local trainings.

The Clean Zone hosts at present more than 40 clients, but it is intended for 100 clients, and will be filled on an on-going basis. Please note, that these people are called as clients or patients, but not as inmates. In point of fact, this is a prototype of “colony of the future”. Believe me, this is true, it is enough to get there just once, to communicate, to see everything with your own eyes to understand that this works!

I wish you could see how sincerely the clients believe in recovery, how zealously they participate in festival performances, making laugh of illicit drug sellers, alcoholics, etc… There are very talented singers, musicians among these avocational actors. They were very pleased and happy to have library, presented by CADAP -5! But the books are not that important as attention and understanding shown to them …

I should note, that Kyrgyz Clean Zone is unique; there are no analogues in the CIS. After visiting it, German Federal Drug Commissioner Mechtild Dyckmans, who has recently visited our country, become very enthusiastic and promised to provide any and all support to this idea.

Having understood the benefits and experiences of Clean Zone established in male colony, establishment of similar in the female colony is promoted by CADAP-5, as the problem of alcohol and drug addiction is met among inmate women as well.

The Programme allocates for this purpose 25 thousand Euros. These money are not enough, and the budget of the State Penalty Execution Service does not provide for such expenses, though the prison administration supports this idea.

So now the Government should say its word. We hope that interested international donors will not stay aside as well.

Aleksand Zelichenko,
    Coordinator, CADAP-5


P.S. After completion of this article, I have got an idea: what if Transit Center in “Manas” would contribute into the idea of establishment of Clean Zone for female inmates in Stepnoe village? 

Just for idea and behaving as a good neighbor…


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